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COVID-19 regulations Budapest

COVID-19 regulations in Hungary: all you need to know for a safe trip

Slowly, but surely signs of life are visible on high streets, in schools and workplaces across Europe as countries begin to lift their COVID-19 lockdown measures. How can you profit from this good news and visit beautiful Budapest this spring?

All you need to know about your upcoming visit

It is important to note that the restrictions described below relate to guests and, in a broader sense, to persons staying at or visiting the accommodation who do not have a permanent lease contract, i.e., tourists.

  • Persons protected against the coronavirus, as well as persons under the age of 18 under their supervision may stay at accommodation establishments.
  • The operator or manager of the accommodation establishment, or the employee of the operator or manager must deny the check-in of persons who do not verify their protection against the coronavirus or their age, as set out in the decree. This rule shall not apply to: persons who come to the accommodation establishment for business, economic, or educational purposes.
  • Guests are not obligated to wear masks at the accommodation establishment.
  • Employees who do not verify their protection against coronavirus as set out in the decree (i.e., do not present the immunity certificate), shall wear a mask pursuant to the general rules.
  • It is prohibited to organise or hold music or dance events at accommodation establishments. Family or private events may be organised or held at an accommodation establishment if the number of those present at the same time does not exceed ten.
  • Recreational facilities operating on the premises of accommodation establishments are permitted to admit persons protected against the coronavirus, as well as persons under the age of 18 under their supervision, who are staying at the accommodation establishment.

Legal consequences 


• the rules of staying at the accommodation establishment, 

• the rules of registering into the accommodation establishment, 

• the provisions for determining the rules of mask wearing for the employees at the accommodation establishment,

they are entitled to impose a fine of between HUF 200,000 and HUF 3,000,000, and to temporarily close the accommodation establishment for at least 1 day, but for no longer than 1 year.

Government Decree no. 484/2020 (XI. 10.) on the second stage of protection measures applicable during the state of emergency (hereinafter: Government Decree no. 484/2020 (XI. 10.) contains the protective measures for the operation of the accommodation and catering establishments. Government Decree no. 60/2021 (II. 12.) on the immunity certificate against the coronavirus (hereinafter: Government Decree no. 60/2021 (II. 12.) contains the rules of the immunity certificate against coronavirus.

Restrictions apply to all accommodation establishments.

The restrictive measures specified in Government Decree no. 484/2020 (XI. 10.) shall be applicable until the expiry date of the Government Decree no. 484/2020 (XI. 10.).


• those who are protected against the coronavirus, as well as any person under the age of 18 under their supervision 

• any guests staying for business, economic, or educational purpose 

• any personnel of the Hungarian Defence Forces and law enforcement agencies who are staying at the establishment in order to carry out official duties, as well as seconded healthcare workers.

How can you prove that you are staying at the accommodation establishment for business, economic, or educational purpose? 

The certificate may be acceptable in a documentary form in a way to be applicable to confirm the mentioned purpose. As the certificate is for the accommodation, it may be practical for the accommodation service provider to retain the original document issued for the justification of the lawful use of the accommodation for at least the period during which the guest stays at the accommodation, and therefore for the period the examination of its lawfulness may be expected.

Are guests staying for business, economic, or educational purposes allowed to stay in groups, or does this only apply to individuals?

Government Decree no. 484/2020 (XI. 10.) does not contain any restrictions in the case of a stay for business, economic, or educational purpose, i.e., that groups cannot stay at the accommodation establishment.

Is it mandatory to check whether the guest has protection against the coronavirus? If yes, what is the procedure for this?

Provided that the guest does not stay for the above purposes, the guest may only stay at the accommodation establishment if they are considered to be a person protected against the coronavirus, or a person under the age of 18 under the supervision of such a person. For the verification thereof, the guest may be called upon to present their immunity certificate in order to verify their immunity. During the verification of immunity, the person concerned may be required to present the official document confirming their identity, as indicated on the immunity certificate. The age of a person 6 to 18 years old may be verified with an identification card, passport, driving licence, or student card. If the fact of being a minor is obvious, the verification of the age of the person under the age of 18 may be omitted.

In the case of foreign guests, an immunity certificate issued by a state whose certificate is recognised by Hungary, as declared in a decree issued by the Minister for Foreign Affairs in agreement with the Minister for Border Control, is accepted to verify protection.

The guest’s first vaccination has been given, but the vaccination card has not yet been delivered by post. Is the vaccination certificate acceptable?

The vaccination certificate cannot be used in the place of the immunity certificate. 

Can we accept a guest who has had Covid-19, has had a final report thereon, however has not received the vaccination card?

The final report cannot be used in the place of the immunity certificate.

What can be done if the guest does not have a Hungarian immunity certificate or a recognised foreign immunity certificate, and they do not wish to stay for business, economic, or educational purpose, or as a member of personnel of the Hungarian Defence Forces, law enforcement agencies, or seconded healthcare workers who are staying at the establishment in order to carry out their official duties? 

In this case, the operator or manager of the accommodation establishment shall deny the check-in of the guest at the establishment.

What can be done if the person concerned refuses to leave the establishment in the above case?

If the person concerned in the above case refuses to leave the establishment, the accommodation service provider may request the assistance of the police.

What are our options in connection with active bookings for the affected period, where the guests indicate in advance that they do not have a Hungarian immunity certificate or a recognised foreign immunity certificate?

• The guest shall be made aware that they will be required to present a recognised immunity certificate upon arrival in order to stay at the establishment, and that it may therefore be obtained before the planned stay

• Booking modification to a future date 

• Booking modification without a determined date

• Cancellation of the booking

Is it possible to accommodate workers during the restriction period? 

Staying in order to carry out work is considered an economic purpose. If this can be verified by the guest in question, then their stay is permitted at the establishment.

Do the restrictions apply to contactless accommodation establishments? (Where there are no members of staff and the owner is not present.) 

The restrictions shall be applicable to all accommodation types, regardless of category or operational method.

What are the rules for wearing a mask at the accommodation establishment? 

A person staying at the accommodation establishment as a guest is not required to wear a mask.

Can the guests staying at the accommodation establishment hold a business meeting? 

If the guests are staying legally at the establishment, gatherings that are considered to be private events may be held if the number of those present at the same time does not exceed ten.

What are the rules on curfew? 

The curfew applies to the period between midnight and 5 a.m. During this period, everyone is obliged to stay at their place of domicile, place of residence, or temporary accommodation establishment. The curfew does not apply to the following situations: where there is a risk of damage to health, danger to life, or serious harm; for the protection of life; or for work purposes, including being in a public area due to the commute from a place of domicile, place of residence, or temporary accommodation to work, or vice versa.

Hope to see you soon!
Our apartment hotel is located in the heart of Budapest. In the same location we have more than 100 apartments and we can accommodate more than 470 people at the same time. We are waiting for our guests with 24H reception, free wifi in the whole building and apartments, and private parking. Please contact us if you have any questions!

kiadó szobák Budapest

Ismét utazol? Tripadvisor győztes kiadó szobák Budapesten

Átrendeződik a világ és vele együtt az utazás. Magyarország lassan visszatér az „új normálishoz”, számos étterem, fürdő és turisztikai látványosság újra megnyílik szerte az országban. Mivel sokan február óta nem utaztak, készítettünk egy kis útmutatót: összeírtuk a nálunk szállást keresők által feltett leggyakoribb kérdéseket. A belépési követelményektől az autókölcsönzésig az alábbiakban mindenre választ találsz, amire szükség van egy biztonságos kirándulás tervezéséhez az egyik legnépszerűbb európai úticélhoz, Budapesthez. 

Van-e korlátozás a Magyarországra belépő utazókra, ha zöld besorolású területéről szeretne belépni?

Ha a nem magyar állampolgár személyforgalomban alacsony fertőzési kockázatú (zöld besorolású) ország területéről érkezik Magyarország területére, akkor korlátozás nélkül beléphet. Az országok besorolásáról friss információt ezen az oldalon találsz.

Foglalhatok kiadó szobát Budapesten?

Igen, minden további megkötés nélkül. Büszkék vagyunk rá, hogy olyan kiadó szobákat kínálunk Budapesten, amelyek elnyerték a Tripadvisor díját. Mindent megteszünk annak érdekében, hogy kényelemed és biztonságod maximális legyen. Nálunk nem kapsz zsákbamacskát, apartmanjainkat virtuálisan megtekintheted foglalás előtt. > (opens in a new tab)”>Nézd meg a jelenleg elérhető apartmanokat itt>>

Nyitva vannak a fürdők, gyógyfürdők, strandok Budapesten?

Igen, a fővárosi fürdőket, strandokat május közepe óta folyamatosan nyitották meg, június közepére szinte mindegyik intézmény megnyitotta kapuit.

Tudok autót bérelni a jelenlegi helyzetben?

Igen, a nagy autókölcsönzők jelenleg is működnek. Javasolt azonban már az utazás előtt lefoglalni az autót, és megbeszélni az átvételi pontot. Átadás előtt minden autót fertőtlenítenek. 

Milyen városnézési lehetőségeim vannak?

Ha segítségre van szükséged, örömmel segítünk felfedezni Budapestet! A Corvin Plaza Apartmentsnél recepciós kollégáink friss információkkal felvértezve segítenek megtalálni a megfelelő városnéző túrákat, éttermeket, programokat. Jegyek és időpontok kedvezményesen foglalhatók a recepción.

Vannak olyan kiadó szobák Budapesten, ahová a házi kedvencemet is vihetem?

Állatbarát szálláshely vagyunk, továbbra is szívesen fogadjuk a házi kedvencedet. 

Készen állsz arra, hogy ismét utazz? Esetleg üzleti ügyben érkezel Budapestre? > (opens in a new tab)”>Szuperkényelmes kiadó szobák várnak Budapesten itt>>

budapest hotels

Corvin Plaza Apartments: enjoy your stay in one of the finest Budapest hotels

If you are looking for one of the cosiest and comfortable Budapest hotels, you have found Corvin Plaza Apartments, with more than 100 rooms which can simultaneously accomodate more than 470 people. These apartments have an intimate atmosphere, with a friendly and discrete staff, who can serve your every need with a 24H reception.

The jewel of Budapest hotels, Corvin Plaza Apartmens

Large living area with a sunny and serene mood, from our studio apartments to the deluxe one and two bedroom apartments, where you can kick back, relax, and do whatever it is that you enjoy most after a tiring day of sightseeing in beautiful Budapest.

The studio apartment is the ideal choice for business and/or individual travellers, as well as for couples who are looking for a good time and a relaxing experience in the capital of Hungary. The room maybe small and cozy, but the queen size sofabed is the ideal place to rest, or you can also enjoy the view of the city from the quiet balcony.

The one bedroom apartment is a more spacious choice, which is ideal for couples, families and smaller groups of friends (up to 4 people). The separated bedroom comes with king size or twin beds, and the sofa next the living room can also be used as a spacious sofabed.

If your company is even larger, the two bedroom apartment is for groups of friends or families of up to 6 members. And what’s better, all two bedroom apartments are also connected to a balcony, from where you can enjoy the view in this cosiest of Budapest hotels.

Or would you perhaps like the deluxe version? These rooms are for are the most exigent guests, who would like to spend their time in a better equipped, modern apartment, which comes with a balcony and an American style kitchen. Coffee comes free for unlimited consumption. The king size bed in the bedroom will sure contribute to an enjoyable stay for spending your holiday in the beautiful capital of Hungary. Would you like more information about the choices offered by Corvin Plaza Apartments? Please take the virtual tour of our premises, and prepare to be surprised!

Sightseeing for the price of a chocolate

One of Budapest’s most beautiful and cheapest sightseeing programs can be if you pick up the tram 2 from Jászai Mari Square and go along with it until you reach the Cutting Ground. The tram on the Danube bank leads you through the iconic buildings of the city, just for the price of a BKV ticket or for two if you go back. You can see buildings like the Parliament, Gresham Palace, Chain Bridge, Elisabeth Bridge or the National Theater. On the other side of the Danube, the Buda Hills, the Castle District, appear. Perfect choice if you have little time and you want to see a lot of things, or you just might miss some time.