House rules

Check-in and Check-out

Early check in is 15 € from 12 pm and it depends on availability. You may request it in advance.
On departure day, please leave your apartment until 10 am. By checking out late you are to pay a 25 € penalty fee as it causes severe delay in housekeeping and leads to the inconvenience of upcoming guests.

Cleaning and extra bedding

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Please note that we reserve the right to block the total amount of your reservation 2 weeks prior to your arrival and that the amount is released after departure. In case of no valid credit card, 50 € deposit is requested upon arrival. In case of group reservation (at least 3 apartments) we may request 50 € / person.


Payment is due on arrival, either in cash (€ or HUF) or by card. The previously blocked amount may also be used, provided you have that same card on you.

Do not lose keys

Please take care of your keys as by losing it, breaking it or damaging it any way you are obligated to pay a 200 € penalty fee to cover the changing of the lock. It is of paramount importance for us to ensure our guests\' security. So please do not forget to close and lock the door simultaneously before going out.

Smoking is strictly forbidden

Smoking is strictly forbidden in all of our apartments. The violation of this rule (cigarette stubs, odor) effectively results in a 200 € penalty fee.

Pet Friendly Hotel

No need to leave your pet at home. You may bring along your beloved pet for 10 €/night.

Air condition request

Some of our apartments are set with an air conditioner. Remote control can be picked up at reception. (5 €/day; 25 € deposit). Note that you need to pay for AC according to the amount of days you have the remote, so remember to bring it back once you do not need it anymore.

Reception 24/7

If you need anything or have a question, please do not hesitate to ask our receptionists who are at your disposal all day and night.


Press your magnet card to the number panel and pull the door. Call number 20 if you need assistance.


Free wifi is available in the whole building. More connections can be found, but all of them works with the same password: "niceplace". Should you have trouble connecting, please contact reception.

Fresh bedding and towels

Fresh bedding and towels are provided for free on every 4th day. This is not an automatic service, please let reception know about your request at least 24 hours in advance. Additional change costs 3 €/piece.

Have fun in moderate ways

Most of our guests come here to rest. Please be as quiet as you can, mainly after 10 pm! Do not litter or break any equipment of your apartment because you have financial responsibility. In some cases receptionists can ask for deposit.

Safe box service

Safe box is available for FREE at the reception. If you miss to request it upon arrival the hotel cannot take responsibilty for your valuable belongings.


In case of violation of the house rules our colleagues do their best orally and in writing to make guest aware of the inconvenience. Please note that ignoring warnings, aggressive behaviour or repeating action of violation may lead to eviction.